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Kevin 'Russell' Quail - Jazz Improv - Kevin Quail [bio at this site]
USA - Schaumburg, IL
King 1950 2B Liberty / Bach 10C
Kevin Quail, trombonist, age 50 (in dog years),has been playing jazz way long enough to know better, has played or recorded with Charles McPherson, Andy Simpkins, Mike Wofford, Sherman Ferguson, Donald Bailey, Harold Jones, Herman Riley, Carl Leukaufe, Don Menza, Bobby Caldwell, among others.

Rob Queisser -
All Styles
USA - Bellingham, WA
King 8B w/ Greg Black 1; (add) King 5B w/ Yamaha 59
Rob Queisser, Born Cleveland, Ohio. Studied trombone with Charles Campbell, Ass't. Principal, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra under Dr. George Szell, & Allan Kofsky, Principal Bass Trombone, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra (Szell), & Brass Ensemble under Louis Davidson, Principal Trumpet, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra.

Carl Querfurth - Swing - Carl Querfurth [bio at this site]
USA - Providence, RI
King 3B / Bach 6 1/2 AL
Trombonist & Producer Carl Querfurth born grew up in Peterborough, New Hampshire playing trombone in junior and high school bands. Joined the Back Slap Blues Band in 1977. - 1978 joined Roomful of Blues for 1 year, before Porky Cohen.

Dennis 'Den' Quilicot - All Styles
Philippines - Pasig City, Manilla
CG Conn 88H / Bach 6 1/2 AL-MT
Manila Symphony Orchestra, Manilla, Phillipines.

Jack Quinby - All Styles - Jack Quinby [bio at this site]
USA - Dundee, OR
Jack Quinby has a distinguished career as a freelance music director, conductor, contractor, and trombonist in the Portland, Oregon area. He has an extensive resume as a sideman having worked with dance bands, orchestras, chamber groups, and traveling shows.

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