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Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme & Ariadne on Naxos by Strauss played by Scottish Chamber orchestra (Chondos: 3168(2)) Instrument Rath R9 VB 1/1/2 G in 2010

Don Carlos " by Verdi " English Northern Philharmonia Orchestra /Opera North (Chandos:3162(3)) Instrument Rath R9 VB 1/1/2 G in 2010

Alpine Symphony " Strauss " Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (RLPO CD 401P) Instrument (4th trb) - Rath R8 VB 2G in 2001

Suite de Ballet " G. Holst " Northern Sinfonia Orchestra (Chandos– Chan 9734) Instruments Conn Elkart 62H VB 2G in 1999.

Ian plays generally on a VB 1½G

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