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Valentin Guérin is a trombone player, inventor and traveller. He studied trombone in France under Jacques Mauger at the Paris Regional Conservatoire before completing an MA in trombone performance and pedagogy under Niels Ole BO Johansen at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark. He then moved to the USA to train at the Butler School in Austin, under Nathaniel Brickens, at University of Texas.

Constantly in search of a new and wider public, much more diverse than the audience which traditionally fills the classical concert halls, Valentin created the PyroTrombone. This extremely impressive instrument won him 2nd prize in the Big Oxford Project competition in 2014.

Since its creation in 2014, the Pyro-Trombone has been on show at numerous festivals and in the media (America’s Got Talent, Honk!, Classical Classroom, Art Insights, Fox News, Discovery Channel, PAN.THEO.SYNTHESIS, Minnesota Public Radio, ABC...).

Since September 2015 he is now teaching in Clermont-Ferrand, a French national music school.

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